September 2013 Downtown Elgin event

“Safe Roads are Totally Cool” was in 16 Downtown Elgin businesses/organizations, from Aug. 20 through September 30! Kids’ pictures were displayed in these locations, reminding us not to drive impaired or distracted.

The locations marked * kept crayons on hand so kids could come in to color their SRTC picture, and have it displayed at the business, as well as on this site!

Chooch’s Pizza *
Elgin Books *
Al’s Cafe * (Al’s gave a $25 gift certificate to the best drawing at Al’s!!!)
Fifth Third Bank * (Highland Ave. location)
Kirkpatrick, Jones, and Herzog Insurance *
BBK Motorsport * (Dupage St. location)
Prairie Rock Bar and Grill *
On the Side Restaurant *
WRMN Radio *
Spacetaste Gallery *
Mr. Cheap’s Mattresses *
Soulful Sparrow *
Artistic Framing and Supplies * (gave a special prize to the best drawing at their location!)
Law Offices of Shirley Sadjadi *
Rediscover Records

Thank you, businesses!


from 5 year old Alasandra, at On The Side Restaurant in Downtown Elgin.


by 5 year old Jeremiah, at Elgin Books and Coffee in Downtown Elgin..


Look! Another “Safe Roads are Totally Cool!” picture went up! This was drawn by 5 year old Omar of the Chicago St. YWCA, and displayed in the window of Retro-a-GoGo. Omar says, “Please don’t scream and drive, because I want safe roads for Adyn”..


“Please don’t close your eyes and drive, because I want safe roads for the penguin.” by 5 year old Valerie, at Soulful Sparrow in Downtown Elgin.


5 yr. old Leandre says, “Please don’t talk and drive, because I want safe roads for my kid.”. At Spacetaste Gallery.


At WRMN Radio..


Artistic Framing and Supplies

Fifth Third Bank on Highland Ave..


By Jonathan, at Rediscover Records..


At Al’s Cafe and Creamery..


At Kirkpatrick, Jones, and Herzog Insurance..


At the Law Offices of Shirley Sadjadi in Downtown Elgin..20130918-114744.jpg20130918-114812.jpg

At Mr. Cheap’s Mattresses..




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