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Safe Roads are Totally Cool!

19 Mar

“Safe Roads are Totally Cool!” is a project intended to change deep attitudes about impaired and distracted driving.

The project involves having kids fill out a pre printed paper that asks them to fill in two blanks:

“Please don’t ________ and drive because I want safe roads for ________.”

Then they draw a picture of what they wrote. The kids can choose to be serious, or silly (mad lib style). This encouragement to write whatever they want helps them (and the viewer) to realize that any kind of impairment while driving is not a good idea.

The pictures are then displayed at various venues in Elgin.

Here is an example, from the Dec. 1, 2012 Downtown Elgin Window Wonderland window decorating contest:


For information on upcoming SRTC displays/events, please see this site’s page, “Current/Upcoming Events”. Each past event also has it’s own page.

For other information you can call me, Virginia Smith, at 847.802.2198, or email me at totallycoolpianostudio